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Hydraulic Double Drum Static Road Roller

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Hydraulic Double Drum Static Road Roller

The hydraulic static roller is a double drum tandem roller, which is manufactured using internationally advanced technology and imported components. It is primarily used for the compaction of road bituminous course, sand gravel mixtures and RCC material and RCC material. Reliable and quality built, the double drum static road roller is a piece of universal compaction equipment for highway, municipal road, park area and industry ground etc.

The road roller has the following features:
Transmission: hydrostatic power transmission for uniform and smooth transmission of power
Full hydraulic two wheel drive and hydraulic motor fitted on the sides of both drums
Cabin with fans is comfortable and spacious, and the flexible steering seat facilitates the operation
The driver's cabin can be turned on one side as a whole, to facilitate maintenance
Fork-type frame, good hold-down property.
Hydraulic pump and other main components are products made by American manufacturer SAUER

Control System
Hydraulic controlled power steering wheel, parking brake switch, engine START/RUN/STOP switch, spray water control valve. Machine direction/speed control level with neutral start switch
Water Sprinkler System
Gravity feed system/pressurized system (with adjustable nozzle opening controlled by switch at operation position)

Main accessories of hydraulic static roller include
Water temperature meter, fuel level gauge, engine temperature meter, engine oil meter, hydraulic oil meter, hydraulic oil meter, ampere meter, towing and lifting attachment, engine coolant gauge, engine oil pressure gauge, air and hydraulic filter indicator lights, electric fan, steering light, operating light, steering light switch, oil pressure meter, rear light switch, front light switch, starter switch, cabin light instrument light, reverse mirror

Technical Specifications of Hydraulic Double Drum Static Road Roller

Model   Ltc208s
Operating Mass(Without Ballast/With Ballast) Kg 8000/10000
Rolling Width mm 1400
Front Linear Load (Without Ballast/With Ballast) N/Cm 240/300
Rear Linear Load (Without Ballast/With Ballast) % 340/425
Gradeabiliy mm 40
Turning Radius (Inside/Outside) mm 5100/6500
Overall Dimension (L×W×H) mm 4480×1580×2600
Wheelbase mm 3217
Ground Clearance   260
Transmission Km/H Hydrostatic
Travel Speed (Forward/Reverse)   0-11.1
Service Brake   Hydrostatic
Parking Break   Hydrostatic/Mechanical
Diesel Engine Model   4bt3.9
Brand   Cummins
Displacement Volume C.C 3.9l
Rated Power/Rotational Speed Kw/R/Min 75kw/2400r/Min
Maximum Torque/Rotational Speed N.M/Ram Torque:330n-M@1500rmp
Number of Cylinder   4 cylinder
Fuel Pump Type   A Type
Aspiration   Engine Capable of Developing Continuous Power of 60kw(Minimum) at Rated 1500rpm
Electrical System   Dc12/24 V Heavy Duty Battery
Fuel Tank Capacity Liter 120
Water Tank Capacity Liter 700
Hydraulic Tank Capacity Liter 72
Cabin   Steel Sealed Cabin Over Driving Seat
Color   Red
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